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January 23, 2000

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The Ice Storm

Banner and maple tree iced

Our winter banner coated with ice--not to mention the maple tree

Dogwood tree iced

"Caught in crystal": the dogwood tree iced

Dish antenna iced

Television on ice <g>

Pine tree collapsed by ice

The pine tree across the street collapses from the weight

Privet bush under ice

The iced privet bush surrounded by other iced shrubs and trees

Backyard trees under ice

The backyard trees droop under their crystal covers

Willow wonders at Mommy's hobby

Willow wonders why crazy Mom is outside with a camera in an ice storm

Bandit camps near the fire

Camping out after the power goes out: Bandit has the choice place near the fire

James camps out in the sofa

James--and a guest--keep warm in the loveseat bed

Linda's space by the fire

Camping out: Linda's space by the fire

James playing Trivial Pursuit

During the blackout we play Trivia Pursuit: James reads a question

Linda before the fire

Linda sits before the fire: this photo is for her mother, who says she never sees any pictures of her

Willow asleep

"Games schmames, the best thing to do during an ice storm is sleep!"