Linda & James Young's Photo Album: February 15, 2000

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February 15, 2000

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Burnt clothes and dryer

The dryer and the burnt clothes, next day, February 16, 2000

Closeup of dryer door

Closeup of the scorched dryer door

Inside the dryer

With the brightness boosted, you can see the sad fate of the drum

The last of the clothes

The burnt and scorched clothes where the firemen left them

Close up of the clothes

Close up of the clothes

James' sweater

The colorful "rag" at center is the remains of James' favorite sweater

Burnt then drowned sock

A burnt then drowned sock

Laundry room before

The laundry room, sans dryer, before

The laundry room, with dryer, after

The laundry room, with dryer and new shelves, after--the patch on the wall came from having to pull the dryer plug from the wall; the cord on the dryer was too short

The shelves and the gap in the wall

The shelves and the gap in the wall, before

Bare wall painted

The shelf wall, stripped and freshly painted

The shelves, afterward

The shelves, restocked; they look just as cluttered but in reality everything is easier to find

The Cozee

The Cozee from Michael's, fitted with measuring tapes and all those wayward screwdrivers