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March 16-17, 2002

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Nyack, New York, and Thumbs

Linda in front of HHTC sign

In March we flew to Nyack, NY, to see the premiere of Rupert Holmes' Thumbs
at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center.
Linda poses in front of the theatre.

Main Street leads down to the river

Nyack is truly on the banks of the Hudson River.
Main Street leads directly to the local marina and the river.

The Hudson from the marina

The Hudson River from the marina.

The original Gedney Street

If you're a Remember WENN fan, you'll remember a North Gedney Street mentioned.
Here's the original Gedney Street, right along the river.

James and Linda mug for the camera

We mug for the camera. Our opinion of the show? "Thumbs up," of course.

Places we ate at, Ichi Riki and Walsh's

Before the show, we went to Ichi Riki, a wonderful Japanese restaurant.
Have the beef teriyaki if you're ever in the neighborhood!
After the play we went next door to Walsh's.

Rodney at Walsh's

Fellow Remember WENN fan Rodney Walker drove up to Nyack to join us.
This was taken at Walsh's after the show.

Rupert Holmes, Rodney Walker, and us

We were having a good time at Walsh's--can you tell?
I think this is where Rupert's assistant Teressa disowned us. :-D
Teressa was the fine cameraperson on this one--thanks!

Linda at Nyack town clock

Linda poses at the Nyack clock. This is facing west down Main Street.
The theatre is at the left.

Italian deli and wraps place

We ate at this Italian deli when we arrived in Nyack.
To our surprise, we found out the wraps place next door was where Rupert Holmes'
grandfather had started his business many years earlier!

The Hello Delly

We didn't eat here, but we sure got a kick out of the name!