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March 25, 2005

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The Rocket Boys Fly Again

What's in the truck? Hay?

Gussie and Emily check out the truck for food as James sets up his rockets.

Quest Enterprise E

Takeoff of the Quest Enterprise E.

Estes Big Bertha

This is Estes Big Bertha. James later laminated an autograph we got from Homer Hickam
(The Rocket Boys) to the rocket, since he forgot to bring the rocket to the autograph session.

Bill and Xander look at rocket

Bill Gould and son Alexander look at a Mercury Redstone.

Bill's modified Alpha

Bill's Alpha, which he modified by "stretching" the fuselage.

Bill's modified Athena

Bill modified this rocket, an Athena, by "stretching" the fuselage, as well.

Super Big Bertha comes in for a landing

It's usually hard to catch the "return phase" on camera.
However Bill's Super Big Bertha cooperated nicely.
He lost it in a later flight, but our hosts found it again.

Mercury Redstone

Mercury Redstone 7 launches again!

James retrieves Redstone

"The long, long walk." James retrieves the Mercury Redstone after her successful flight.

The horses glare at the rocketeers

"Are you done yet?" The horsies want their pasture back.