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April 13, 2003

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Flowers, Rockets, and...Space Cows?

Gussie, Yellow, and Emily

Gussie, Yellow, and Emily were kind enough to loan us their flower-scattered pasture.

Bill Gould and Xander prep rocket

Bill Gould and his son Xander prep a Heatseeker for flight.

James and Lassie-evious Linda

James poses with the "Lassie-evious Linda," a Holverson "Wicked Winnie."

Lassie-evious Linda launches

"Lassie-evious Linda's" maiden voyage.

Xander launches Heatseeker

Xander launches the Heatseeker.

Bandit's rocket launches

Bandit's rocket, an Estes "Bandit," launches with a stretched Alpha3 in the background.

The retrieval team

The retrieval team, Christian and Xander, gets to work as Bill looks on.

The Stretched Alpha launches

The Stretched Alpha launches.

Bill and Xander watch the glider

Bill and Xander watch as the Edmonds' Geenie glider launches.

Bill's Black Brandt launches

Launch of Bill's as yet unpainted Black Brandt.

Estes Skywriter 2

Launch of the Estes Skywriter 2, a.k.a. the flying pencil.

Of course I've heard of cows

The cows who almost separated Bill from his new rocket.

Launch of the Golden Snitch

Last launch of the day: the Golden Snitch takes wing.