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April 22, 2005

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They Said, "Go Fly a Kite!" So We Did

James assembles airplane kite

Claudia and Doug invited a bunch of us to their place to fly kites.
Here James assembles his shark mouth kite.

James' kite aloft

Despite the package testimonials, the airplane kite took a while to get aloft.
But it finally made it.

James flies his kite

James flies his kite.

Linda flies her kite

Linda flies her kite; the inset shows the little "rainbow unicorn" kite itself.

Aubrey flies her kite from truck bed

Aubrey, shown here on the truck bed, showed a definite talent for kite flying...

The tree that ate her kite

...alas, Charlie Brown syndrome struck and that tree ate her kite.

The Goulds get their kites together

The Goulds also brought their kites...

Jessie flies a rocket

...but as always when the "Rocket Boys" gather, there are also rockets.
Jessie prefers rockets to kites and here helps Bill launch one.

James' flyingsaucer launchesJessie and Alexander watch it

James launches a "Snitch," his flying saucer...while Alexander and Jessie enjoy the show.

Xander and Bill launch an Alpha

Xander and Bill launch a stretched Alpha.

James' cruise missile

James launches the Estes cruise missile.