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June 18, 2006

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Meeting Lassie

The ninth generation Lassie, travelling the country promoting his new dog food.

the Lassie appearance site

The Kroger shopping center setup for the Lassie appearance

Lassie van and appearance tent

The Lassie RV behind the appearance/photo tent.
In the foreground, you can see the mini-Frisbees given away as souvenirs.

Lassie emerges from the RV

Lassie emerges from the RV for his photo session. "Arf!"

Lassie enjoys the fan

It was a very hot day, in the high 80s and for his comfort, Lassie had his own fan.
He seems to be enjoying it!

Lassie smiles for the camera

Ah, that lovely Lassie smile!

Lassie looks earnest

An earnest look from Lassie.

Lassie barks

"Hey! May I have another cookie?"

Lassie tired after the shoot

After a half hour of photos, Lassie looks a bit weary.

Lassie performs

After the photo session, Lassie's trainer Carol Riggins worked him in a short routine.

Lassie works for Carol

Here's a wider shot of Lassie working for Carol.

Lassie turns in a circle

Lassie turns in a circle for the crew and fans.

Lassie portrait

A last portrait of Lassie.