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June 23, 1999

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Summer Visits and Visitors

One of Willow's

Trouble, one of Willow's rambunctious "cousins," May 1999

Tribute to dad

Tribute to Dad, May 1999

Linda's mom and Willow

Linda's mom and her "grand-dog," May 1999

Mom at 57th Fighter Group

Linda's mom at 57th Fighter Group, May 1999

A happy doggie

Willow really enjoys having Grandma visit!, May 1999

Playground dedicated in memory of Johnny Elder

This playground was dedicated in memory of Johnny Elder, June 5, 1999,
at Hollydale Methodist Church

The new sofa

The new sofa (with thanks to John Bouler <g>) already suitably "booked," June 1999

New video cabinets

At last! Enough room for the videotapes!!! (Well, till next year. <g>) June 1999