Linda & James Young's Photo Album: August 2005, Providence/Newport and Nearby

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August 2005

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Rhode Island Photos

Pidge in his carry cage

Pigwidgeon the seasoned traveller in his carry cage

Willow in armchair

for the last time, Willow gets to sit in "Grandma's chair."

Willow stretched out

Willow tries to keep cool after dark without air conditioning

Pidge near the windows

Pidge keeps cool near the windows

Downtown Providence at dusk

Downtown Providence, RI, at dusk
Waterplace Park and "Downcity" from Providence Place Mall

RI State House at dusk

The Rhode Island State House at dusk

Providence skyline

Providence skyline at dusk; Fleet Building at right
When I was a kid it was the Industrial National Bank,
but the older kids told all us younger ones that it was the Daily Planet building in Superman

Boats to light the fires

This is at a "Waterfire," a music-sight-and-sound exhibition at Waterplace Park
Here one of the boats sets out to light the firepits dotting the river
You can see extra wood in the boat

Fires fully lit

Here are the firepits fully lit in the basin;
there are additional cauldrons up and down the river

Crowds watch the fire

Crowds watch the fires burn down; scented woods are used and music plays throughout

Wright's Dairy Farm

Wright's Dairy Farm, in North Smithfield, RI, a working dairy farm with a killer bakery!

Cows in the barn

The Wright cows escape the heat under the shade of the shed roof

Calf in igloos

Part of the farmyard was full of these igloos;
they are so the calves can get fresh air, but will not get sunburned

Sailing in the haze

It was so hot one day we just gave up and went to Newport;
yes, it really was this hazy even oceanside

alt text

Facing the private beachs heading toward Bellevue Avenue;
a little better contrast

Rocks at Brenton Point

I spent many happy summer Sundays climbing around these rocks at Brenton Point

flags in a stiff breeze

Flags at the Park Service location;
even with this stiff breeze it was still hot unless you were right near the water

Sea splashing the rocks

The surf was quite rough that day

Ocean splashing the rocks

More hard surf against the rocks

Belelvue Avenue shopping district

Even on hot summer days the shops on Bellevue Avenue are busy;
these buildings date from the late 1800s