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July/August 2005

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Waltons Mountain Museum & Other Places

Heading east on the Tappan Zee Bridge

Heading east on the Tappan Zee Bridge;
this is just the west entrance--that's the actual bridge in the distance!

Hebert's Candy Mansion

Hebert's Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Louisa May Alcott's home

If you've read Little Women, this is the home of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March
Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts
No photos are allowed inside

Bronson Alcott's haven

Bronson Alcott and his fellow Transcendentalists met here,
next to Orchard House

Concord Bridge

The famous North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts commemorated by "Concord Hymn."
As you can see, the area is being re-constructed after winter ravages.

Waltons Mountain Museum

The Waltons Mountain Museum, formerly the Schuyler, VA, elementary school

Walton Kitchen 1

Here's part of the reproduction of the Walton kitchen...

Walton Kitchen 2

...and here's a view of the other side of the room

John-Boy's room

The reproduction of John-boy's bedroom

Walton radio

This is the actual Zenith radio used on the television series
It plays old-time radio series all day

actual moonshine still

This is not the Baldwin sisters' "Recipe" machine;
it is an actual still captured by revenuers in the Virginia hills

Linda on Ike's phone

"Miss Fanny? Can you ring John Walton for me? I'm here at Ike's store..."

Earl Hamner's homestead

Where the real "John-Boy" grew up--that's Earl Hamner's old home on the right.