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October 2007 Events

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I forgot to take my camera to every single on of these events, so all the photos you see were taken with my cell phone camera. Ain't technology wonderful? :-)

Main street Social Circle, GA

Main Street of Social Circle, GA. You can read about our visit to the Friendship Festival and hear about the general store here.

Christmas tree outside the Cobb County Civic Center

This is the Christmas tree outside the Mistletoe Market at the Cobb County Civic Center. Read about that event here.

Gingerbread guards

Gingerbread guards outside the Civic Center.

Gingerbread guards 2

More gingerbread guys.

The greeting tree

A tree to greet you at the door.

A parade of trees.

And a bank of trees to welcome you to the Mistletoe Market.

The floor of the Mistletoe Market

The floor of the Mistletoe Market.

Entry to the Apple Festival at Ellijay October 20

The entry to the Apple Festival grounds in Ellijay, GA, on October 20, 2007. The next five pictures are also from the grounds of the festival. Read about our trip to Ellijay here.

Apple stand in the background


The train

The apple tent

More apples for sale

The pond in downtown Smyrna

This is the pond between the Smyrna Library and the Smyrna community center. It's hard to see, but the pond is filled with Canada and domestic geese and ducks. Read about the Jonquil Festival here.