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October 31, 2004

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Bombers at the Battlefield

B-17 Nine O Nine

The Collings' Foundation B-17 "Nine O Nine" at McCollum Field in Kennesaw, GA

Sponsors of Nine O Nine

"Nine O Nine"'s sponsors emblazoned on her side

Nine O Nine noseart

"Nine O Nine's" nose art

The Dragon and His Tail

The B-24, "The Dragon and His Tail"

(Warning! Racy nose art below!)

Nose art on Dragon

The nose art for the "Dragon"

World War II jeep and memorabilia

A World War II era jeep surrounded by military memorabilia

Man in 1940s pilot gear

The latest fashions for airmen in the 1940s

Rear turret of B-24

The rear turret of "the Dragon"

Bombadier seat and Norden bombsight

The blue arrow points to the Norden bombsight next to the bombadier's seat on the B-17

Lawson family

The Lawsons also visit the exhibit...

Aaron in the turret

...where Aaron enjoyed his ride in a restored B-24 turret

Jerry in the turret

Despite his long frame, Jerry couldn't resist the lure of the turret

James with the Dragon

James with the "Dragon"

Linda under Nine O Nine

Linda under "Nine O Nine"