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November 2002

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Fall at Last!

It was so dry this summer that we had poor hopes for the colors of the autumn leaves. We needn't have worried.

A maple tree starts to turn

This maple tree has just begun to turn.

Maples turn

One of these maple trees is in the advance guard.

Knight and dragon sculpture

This has nothing to do with fall, but we thought it was cool.
This sculpture is on Terrell Mill Road, heading from Cobb Parkway to Powers Ferry Road.

Orange maple tree

This bright little maple shines even in a downpour on Election Day.

Our dogwood and maple trees

Our dogwood and maple trees.

Neighborhood trees

Trees across the street.

Tree on Natchez Trace

This tree on Natchez Trace looks like an impressionist painting.

Trees on Natchez Trace

Here are more trees on Natchez Trace.

Trees in parking lot

Fall can even make a parking lot look pretty.

Red trees

These red trees are outside Spike's Pizzaria.

A brilliant yellow tree

This tree could practically light up the entire street.

Kids walk home

"Walkin' in a fall wonderland..."