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December 19, 2000

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Christmas 2000

The Albritton house

The Albritton house, near Chastain Park in Atlanta.
They used to decorate like this every year.
However, they moved to Florida several years ago.

The gazebo

The gazebo, flanked by Christmas trees.

A bouquet in the urn

A bouquet made of lights sitting in the urn.

The path to the backyard

The lighted pathway to the back yard.

Elves lead a train of light

Elves lead a train of light.

The backyard of the Albritton house

The 30-foot tree in the backyard of the Albritton house.

Albritton Christmas tree

Close up of the Albritton's Christmas tree, flanked by soldiers, topped by an angel.

Our ceppo

Our ceppo with our manger, miniature Christmas tree, and St. Nicholas display.

Serendipity the Christmas tree

"Serendipity" the Christmas tree with her new set of lights.

Our living room/library at Christmas

Our living room/library at Christmas, with Fern the Fawn on the loveseat.

Christmas snowfall

The snowfall before Christmas, December 19.

Linda and Willow

Linda and Willow in the snow.

Willow meets Hughie

Willow meets Hughie under the bittersweet bush.

Mailbox covered in snow

Snow even makes the mailbox look festive.