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Christmas 1999

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The Monastery church with geese grazing in front

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit.
This is the church proper, with geese grazing out front.
December 10, 1999

Blue sky over the admin building

The sky over the Monastery administration building, so blue it hurts.

Mailbox trimmed in pine and bow

The mailbox is trimmed in pine and bow.

Herald angel flag

Our angel flag heralds the holiday season.

The Christmas basket on the porch

When Linda was little, it was tradition to have a basket of Christmas greens on the porch.
Here's Linda's version of the tradition.

A wreath on the door

The wreath sits on a shining door.

The double doors decorated for the season

The double doors decorated for the season.
The lights are blue; because of its shape we call it "the blue spruce."
Notice Willow keeping watch!

The ceppo with minature tree

This is our ceppo, one version of an Italian Christmas decoration. It sits in the den.

The little tree

The little tree on top of the ceppo, with our Hallmark miniatures."

Bandit seems bored

Bandit seems bored by the whole Christmas bit!

Look quick: clean table!

Look quickly: the table will probably not be so tidy or so festive until next year!

The fireplace at Christmas

Garlanded and stocking'd, the fireplace holds forth. "Wishbone" seems to like it!

Rudolph beanies

Linda's collection of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer beanies, courtesy her best friend
(thanks, Sherrye!).

The Christmas tree

The incomparable "Serendipity," the Christmas tree. Any lopsidedness is Linda's fault.

Linda and gift

Linda finally gets Michael Garibaldi for Christmas!

James and gift

James and his newest cookbook.

Willow hunts her gift

We hid Willow's new chew bone behind the gifts. She wasn't fooled...

Willow and bone

Willow got her bone.

James and his mom

James and his mom talk on Christmas day.


When James--and Leia--moved up to Atlanta, we had to leave Spotte in "fosterage" with Ann and Clay. Leia has gone to Rainbow Bridge, but Spotte endures. She is eleven.

Willow in Christmas bow

Last but not least, Willow poses in her Christmas bow.