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Hello! I hope you enjoyed reading our personal pages. Feel free to use the link below to say hello or ask a question. We always like hearing from people who enjoy the same things as we do.

Please make sure your subject line doesn't look like it might be a spam subject. We accidentally deleted a letter about one of our pages recently because the subject line looked like it might be spam. Also, tiresomely, you must remove DIE*SPAMMERS before you e-mail the message or it will bounce. We have been forced to do this as an anti-spam measure.

Please don't ask about videos or DVDs for any of the television series mentioned here. If we know where videos and DVDs might be found, it will be mentioned on the appropriate page. If you are looking for some of the old books we have both mentioned, we recommend E-Bay,, and

Looking forward to hearing from you!        . . . . . Linda and James at "Flying Dreams"


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